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Operational Support for Dissemination of Data



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Objectives :

WP5 provides the operational support for the dissemination of data and knowledge.

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Description of work :

Task1: Coordination of WP5 Activities (CMSUC)

A WP5 Board will be formed of all WP5 partners, chaired by the WP5 leader and will hold bi-monthly teleconference meetings. The Board will coordinate all the activities in WP5 and provides a monthly report on WP5 activities (to be accessible via the website). The Board will be responsible for defining the WP5 Plan (ID5.2), the revised plan (ID5.3) for WP5 in D1.2, and Year 1/Year 2 WP5 reports (ID5.4 and ID5.5) to be included in Year 1/Final Reports to EU. The Board will also be responsible for updating the Operational Support Webpages with all the relevant information.

Task 2: Coordinated Support system (OBSPARIS)

"Users" of the infrastructure, meaning all people interacting with the infrastructure, will need to have access to information concerning the composition of the infrastructure, the services which are available, the procedures about how to enter the infrastructure, the procedures about how to implement the standards, how to use or adapt the various tools. The support to the "users" will be coordinated in Task 2 through the provision of on-line support materials, a help desk and a service providers/users forum where people could share best operation practice. We also intend to operate an e-tool for general public to take a virtual guided tour of SUP@VAMDC which will provide a guide to the content, geography of clients and producers, the databases etc. The coordinated Support System includes the support to access to the NGI Grid Infrastructure. The deliverable of this task is the Operational Support webpage.

Task 3: Tutorial Materials (CMSUC, UU, OBSPARIS )

SUP@VAMDC will produce summary tutorial materials arising from the work developed in other work packages. In particular we intend to produce a self-studying e-tutorial that can be incorporated in university courses on molecular and atomic physics, astronomy, energy systems, environment (etc). This self-studying e-tutorial will be adapted by the “Regions” in the respective languages.

Task 4: Maintenance and upgrade of the VAMDC infrastructure (OBSPARIS, CMSUC, UU)

The existing VAMDC infrastructure will be maintained during the time of the project. Following feedbacks from WP2 to WP4, design studies for the upgrade of the VAMDC e-infrastructure will be carried out during the SUP@VAMDC project. These design studies will be available at the end of the SUP@VAMDC project for major upgrades to be carried out in another context (RTD activities are out of the scope of the present CALL).



Deliverables : SUPP: Operational Support for Dissemination of Data

Milestones : WP5

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