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SUP@VAMDC Executive Board (VEB):


SEB members :

SUP@VAMDC Project Coordinator :

The Project Coordinator will have overall executive responsibility for the project and will provide leadership. Dr Marie-Lise Dubernet (OBSPARIS) will fill this position. The Coordinator chairs the Project Board and she will have a standing invitation to participate in the meetings at the EPT. The Coordinator will have prime responsibility for representing the project externally, including liaison with the European Commission.

The Deputy Coordinator :

The Deputy coordinator is the Chair of the Executive Project Team (EPT) and assist the Project Coordinator in the everyday’s running of the project. Prof. Nigel Mason (OU) will fill this position.


Project Manager :

The Project Manager has detailed oversight of all Work packages. (S)he will ensure regular monitoring of progress against milestones, check the activities via the monthly reports posted by the WP Leaders on the internal websites, will monitor the activities on the various websites, giving early warning of areas where problems may occur. The Project Manager will compile the reports and other data required by the European Commission. The Project Manager will be appointed by the Coordinator and will be employed by the Coordinator’s organisation.


Work packages Leaders  :

Work packages leaders will have day-to-day responsibility for achieving the milestones and deliverables of their Work packages within agreed time scales and budgets. They will monitor and report progress through the Project Manager and identify issues that may impact the project as a whole. To mitigate risk and share work loads each WP also has a deputy appointed. WP Leaders and Deputy WP Leaders will assure the quality of deliverables

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