SUP@VAMDC (2012 - 2014)

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Project Timetable

The project time plan has been arranged conforming to the following schedule:

- The project is planned for 24 months starting on 1st of December 2012. The start of the project is chosen to coincide with the end of the VAMDC project to ensure that the momentum of the VAMDC project in maintained. The length of the project is 24 months as this is felt to be the time required to reach agreement on the policies and strategies while giving sufficient time to finalise a roadmap to implement them in a timely way after the completion of the SUP@VAMDC project. A shorter period would not leave us enough time to construct the necessary expert and working groups, deliver tutorials, build the media, education, technology transfer VAMDC websites and achieve a roadmap. A longer period would delay implementation and would risk other strategies being developed and implemented by international partners who have timelines set by their national funding agencies.

- A 2 month ‘kick-off’ or set up period is envisaged during which both the scientific, tutorials, conferences programmes, target groups will be further defined, milestones reviewed and approved, crucially relevant staff appointed and briefed.

- The main project time plan is then arranged in 2 cycles of 10 months with a final ‘wrap-up’ of 2 months in order to finalize documentations and websites. The project’s progress will be reviewed at the end of each cycle of 10 months at the Annual Meetings of SUP@VAMDC.

- Annual Reports are sent to EU at the end of each period:

a) Period 1 (12 months) = Kick-Off Phase of 2 months and Cycle 1 of 10 months
b) Period 2 (12 months) = Cycle 2 of 10 months and Final wrap-up of 2 months

Mid-terms and final reports of WPs are completed internally one month before the end of each Period, and reviewed by the Executive Project Team which will prepare the mid-term and final activity report to the WP1 for transmission to the EC. The Executive Project Team proposes a plan for future activities to the SUP@VAMDC Project Board one month before the end of Period 1. At the end of Period 1, the Project Board taking into account EPT reports produces the detailed work program for Period 2.

Note that this methodology is based on best practice principles which are currently employed in the VAMDC project, and thus are well established, thus minimising risk in implementation and coordination of the project.

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