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The Electron Scattering and Modelling group at FLINDERS UNIVERSITY

Partner contact person: Michael Brunger

Adelaide, is one of the nodes of the Australian Research Council’s CENTRE for ANTIMATTER-MATTER STUDIES (CAMS) and Prof. Michael Brunger is Node Director and Chief Investigator of CAMS at Flinders. A wide array of scattering processes, for a range of atomic, molecular and radical targets, are experimentally investigated and the electron impact cross sections so-determined are applied in our statistical equilibrium code in order to model the role of electron-driven processes in planetary atmospheres and comets. This work is conducted in close collaboration with Sophia University, Japan. Through our collaboration with the ANU and the University of Trento (Italy), we also study positron impact phenomena. Through further collaboration with other European colleagues, that positron data (and the electron data) is used to model charged-particle tracks in matter for medical applications. They are members of the APAN network.

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