SUP@VAMDC (2012 - 2014)

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Project summary


The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC) is a major new European initiative now building a unified, secure, documented, flexible and interoperable e-science environment-based interface to 17 existing A+M databases.

The SUP@VAMDC (Support at VAMDC) aims at building upon the VAMDC e-infrastructure, supporting different studies and actions linked to the VAMDC e-infrastructure that will in accord with the mission of INFRA-2012-3.3:

• Provide operational, legal and technologicalsupport for studies aimed at developing a sustainable open scientific data e- infrastructure in Atomic and Molecular Data.

• Provide the support and medium for including authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) as well as licensing and tools within the VAMDC brand

• Promote and fashions future interoperability (technical, semantic, reference architecture, etc) across A&M data community through the promotion, monitoring and adoption of common standards.

• Provide support for dissemination actions aimed at raising the visibility of the VAMDC e-infrastructure towards wider audiences such as other domains which could use the VAMDC e-infrastructure for their
  own science or
for their own dissemination of data, such as students and/or citizen-scientists. This programme includes the development of education-related tools linking VAMDC’s scientific repositories
  and research data infrastructures,
including establishing a free open access repository containing all peer-reviewed articles resulting from the VAMDC programme.

• Provide support in developing a globally connected and interoperable VAMDC e-infrastructure between EU and the rest of the world, including Brazil , South Africa, Asia, Australia, India through hosting
   workshops and
supporting dialogue between such synergistic structures.

• Analyse and evaluate possible business models for supporting an Open Science model (OPEN VAMDC) whilst assessing the impact of such a modeling in achieving financial sustainability.

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